8 Tips to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Furniture

June 25, 2021 4 min read

8 Tips to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Furniture

So, your cat has decided to use your prized possessions as a scratching post to shred their claws—don't worry, we’ve got 8 tried and tested tips to keep your kitty's claws happy and your furniture scratch-free.

1 - Invest in a suitable scratcher

If you don’t have a scratching post for your furball or you’re still using the one they had as a kitten, then it’s time for an upgrade.

Scratching is part of cat’s natural behavior. Scratching helps your kitty remove the dead layer of their claws, stretch their bodies and mark their territory.

Make sure you have a suitable and sturdy cat scratcher where they can full extend their body and scratch without having to worry about the post toppling over.

2 - Make their scratcher more appealing

Okay, so you’ve got your scratch-obsessed kitty a strong and sturdy scratcher where they can fully extend and sink their claws to their heart’s content? But for some reason or another, they still prefer to scrape their claws down your beloved sofa...

Try moving the scratching post to an area where your kitty likes to spend their time. Cats are cautious creatures and are unlikely to relax and scratch in an area they don’t feel comfortable.
Sprinkle some catnip onto the scratching post to make it more attractive, or better yet, invest in a scratcher with catnip made into the material.

3 - Cover your furniture

In order to make your scratcher more appealing, it only makes sense to then make your furniture a less appealing place to scratch. 

If you want your cat to stop engraving little kitty hieroglyphics on your sofa or bed frame, try blocking off the area for a few days by putting objects in front of it and making it an awkward place to scratch.

Likewise, you can buy anti-scratch adhesive pads made from non-toxic vinyl to stick onto the areas your kitty likes to sink their claws and put their scratching to a stop.

4 - Use a scratch deterrent spray

If you don’t fancy sticking vinyl all over your favorite things, or you want a less noticeable way of putting your cat off scratching your treasured furnishings, then consider a scratch deterrent spray instead.

Whether you make this yourself with essential oils and apple cider vinegar, or purchase a deterrent spray online, this is a great way of hoodwinking your guests into thinking your kitty is perfectly behaved.

It’s also a great way of training out other bad behaviors such as chewing wires or urinating on the carpet.


5 - Liven up their playtime

Cats are like us, and sometimes they can pick up bad habits simply because they are bored.

If your cat scratches frequently and wanders around the house like they aren’t sure what to do with themselves, then consider refreshing their toy box with some new things to play with.

Replacing toys on a regular basis can be expensive, so consider keeping some toys hidden away in the cupboard and swapping them out frequently to make things more interesting.

6 – Observe your cat’s behavior

If your cat has started scratching your furniture after a sudden change, then this may be a sign of stress or anxiety.

Observe their behavior and see if you can find the root cause of their scratching.

If you find your wardrobe door has been shredded by kitty claws after a workman or new guest has visited, this may be a sign that your kitty was simply trying to hide.
Make sure you have quiet spots around the home where your kitty can hide away when they need to feel safe.


7 - Have a variety of scratchers

Cat’s can be fussy, and they don’t always like to scratch in the same position or on the same type of material.

Giving your cat options when it comes to their scratching needs will help to keep your furniture safe from kitty talons.

If you find your kitty likes to use their scratching post but still buries their claws in your bedroom rug, then consider purchasing a horizontal or inclined scratcher that they can use for those lazy laying-down scratches.

8 – Reprimand negative behavior

We don’t like having to tell off our precious furbabies, but sometimes it’s a necessary way of discouraging negative behavior like scratching furniture.

When your kitty looks like they’re about to sink their claws into the sofa, clap your hands or use a spray bottle with a hissing sound to help them understand this item is off-limits.

Likewise, when they use their scratching post, enforce this positive behavior with lots of praise or even a tasty treat.

It’s important to understand that our furry friends aren’t trying to upset us when they scratch our favorite things. Scratching is a natural part of kitty behavior, and sometimes they just need some guidance to understand what items are off-limits.

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