Cat Parenting: Here's Everything You Need to Know

September 21, 2022 5 min read

Cat Parenting

Bringing a cat into your home is no short of getting a big basket of happiness. The very presence of those cute creatures is enough to make hearts melt. But, as every pet needs affection and care, so do cats. It might be a bit confusing initially as you keep discovering things as they grow. There are a few things you should keep in mind to become a caring parent to a lovely cat. Read on to discover how you and your cat can be best buddies.

Give the Right Food & Nutrition

Food is crucial when it comes to taking care of your fur baby. The nutrition you provide accounts for their overall health. Find out about the food your kitten was already having before adopting it. Continue feeding the same to maintain a consistent diet, and then slowly transition to other foods. 

Feeding kitten formulas to your kitten is a good idea as they are packed with vital nutrients. You can ask a veterinarian to help you create a proper diet plan. Cats love canned food items. Make sure you buy the ones that suit your cat. The vet can suggest portion sizes depending on your cat's age and weight. 

Choose the Right Bowl

The material of food dishes and water bowls matters for a cat. The ceramic ones are ideal, but if your cat has a knack for breaking dishes, you can go for stainless steel. Avoid plastic as they hold food odours. 

The food dishes must be shallow to help the cat finish her meal without spilling. Some dishes come with a rubber ring at the bottom. This will make sure your cat won't push the container around your house when they eat.

The water bowl should be kept in your cat's favourite corner. Change water every day and use warm water to clean the bowls. 

Clean the Litter Box

You need at least one litter box for each of your cats. Prefer the covered boxes to trap foul odours. Your litter box must be large enough to suit your cat's size. The smaller ones are good for kittens, but once your cat grows beyond 5 kg, it is time to bring a larger box. 

cat parenting

There are various types of litter, such as clay, pine, pellets, corn, and recycled newspaper. Make sure the litter you buy clumps the waste, making it easy for disposal. Cats seem to be most comfortable with clay litter. Scoop the box twice a day to keep it clean. Check whether the stool is normal and if you notice any abnormalities such as mucus, worms, or blood, immediately visit a veterinary doctor.

Brush Regularly

Brushing is crucial to keep your cats free from mites. Brushing also boosts blood circulation and relaxes your pet. It removes insects, dirt, and dead hair and keeps your baby jolly throughout the day.

Brushing should be done once or twice a week. Cat breeds with long hair, such as Ragdoll or Persian, require brushing at least three times a week. 

Brushes with metal bristles work wonders if your pet sheds too much hair. The pet store can recommend a good brush suitable for your fur baby. Mats are common in most cat breeds and can be combed out. 

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Bath when Needed

Bathing is good for cats, but not too often. The frequency should be once or twice a month. Make sure you choose a gentle shampoo and soap and don't let it go inside the eyes or ears. Avoid flea treatment shampoo if the vet has not recommended it. Many cats show adverse effects when bathed with flea treatment shampoos. After bathing, dry with a soft towel and let them relax in a warm place. After they are fully dry, give them a good brushing to complete the cleaning and make their coat fluffy again. 

Trim Claws, if Needed

Not all cats appreciate their claws being trimmed, especially since it's their primary defence against threats. Use your discretion to decide if your cat needs its claws trimmed. Cats belong to the tiger family and love to have their claws big. But are you okay getting scratched by your cat once in a while?

You can get small cat scissors at pet stores suitable for the job. Trimming once or twice a month is enough. The front claws are larger and grow faster than the back ones. Use a sharp scissor to cut the nails perfectly without tearing them, which can be quite painful to the cat. Take the help of a friend who can hold or distract the cat while you trim the claws.

Play with your Cat

cat parenting

Kittens and cats are playful creatures. When you are not playing with them give them toys so that they can entertain themselves. But you have to find the ones according to their liking. Your cat might have specific preferences for toys. Some may love mice toys to carry in their mouth around the house. They might also fetch them like dogs when you toss the toys around. A colourful plastic spring can be an excellent option. Avoid cotton or woollen toys as they might get torn easily.

Give a Cozy Place to Sleep

Your cat needs a good nap after playing all day. Most cats love to sleep during the day, so make sure their bed is comfortable and cozy. You can make your cat a lovely little cat bed with a soft piece of blanket to keep them warm and safe. Cat beds are available in many pet shops.

Some cats prefer warm or sunny places to sleep, while others may prefer a private and dark spot. Take time to understand your cat's preferences. Notice where they love to sleep and place their cat bed in that spot.

cat parenting

Treat your Cats

Grow a lovely bond of friendship with your cats by giving them delicious treats now and then. These are readily available in pet stores and online. Make sure the treats have nutritional foods such as cheese, salmon, beef, pork, fish, and chicken. It will ensure your cat eats healthy. Cats love to feed on cat grass. You can buy a kit, which only takes a few days to grow fully. It looks cute and funny when they munch on cat grass.

Find a Good Veterinarian

Last but not least, finding a good veterinarian is crucial for your pet's health. From diet charts to curing physical ailments, a lot depends on the veterinarian you choose. To find a good one, ask suggestions from those who have been cat owners for years. 

If you don't know any fellow cat parents, visit the most well-known veterinary hospital in town, which can have experienced doctors. Ensure the vet you choose is knowledgeable, competent, easy on the wallet, and has good credentials. 

The vet will advise you regarding diet, care routines, vaccinations and regular check-ups. The health of your cat depends on how good the veterinarian is. 

Final Words

These were our essential tips and tricks you should know to become a wonderful cat parent. Taking care of these lovely creatures may be overwhelming at certain moments, but it is worth their company. At the end of the day, the cat can be your best friend and taking care of your best friend is rewarding. The roaming fur baby in your house will bring great joy to your life.

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