Reasons Why Your Cat is Meowing at Night (And Tips to Keep Them Quiet!)

June 03, 2021 4 min read

Reasons Why Your Cat is Meowing at Night (And Tips to Keep Them Quiet!)

Cats aren’t shy about letting us know something is wrong and there could be a bunch of reasons which cause them to meow at night. 

Don’t worry—You can ditch the earplugs as we give you the low-down of why your cat is meowing at night and what you can do about it. 

Why does my cat meow at night?

It’s not always easy to work out what our vocal felines are trying to tell us. 

Your cat might meow at night because of boredom, hunger or even something more serious, like an illness. When cats meow, it’s their way of trying to communicate and let us know they aren’t happy about something. We’ve put together 5 reasons cats meow at night and solutions for you to try to keep them quiet. 

  • They are in pain or have an illness 
  • A meowing cat isn’t always a sign of hunger or need for attention and could be a sign that something is seriously wrong. A cat that is in pain or sick will be restless during the night and meow because they are distressed. 

    A meowing cat could be a sign of an overactive thyroid, kidney disease or another type of illness. Some older cats suffer with CDS (Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome) which makes them feel disoriented and causes them to meow. 

    Solution: Take them to the vet

    If your cat seems distressed when they are meowing at night, then you should take them to the vet and get them checked out. 

    Observe their behavior patterns for any other changes as this is also a sign that something might be wrong. 

    If your cat is usually quite vocal but has stopped yowling at you, then this could also be a bad sign, such as deafness or blindness, which will make them feel scared and stop them meowing. 

  • They are bored and/or lonely 
  • Cats arecrepuscular which means they are most active between dawn and dusk and sleep most of the day. 

    If your cat isn’t getting enough attention or stimulation during the day, they will spend most of the night awake and wanting to play. 

    Cats can be needy, and when they want your attention, they will let you know about it by crying out for you to play with them. 

    Solution: Keep them stimulated during the day

    Even though cats are more active at night, you can reset their internal clock by keeping them active during the day. 

    Set some time aside each day after work for playtime, and they will soon start recognizing that this is a much more fun time of day to be awake. 

    Whilst you’re at work, make sure they have plenty of toys andscratchers available to keep them busy. 

    Let them sit on your lap in the evenings and give them plenty of cuddles and scratches before bed to satisfy their social needs. 

    If you are out most of the day, then consider adopting a second cat to keep them company. 

  • They are hungry
  • If your cat is giving you a mid-pitched meow or hovering around their food bowl whilst they yowl at you, then it could be because they are hungry or thirsty. 

    It’s better for cats to have scheduled meals instead of grazing throughout the day. This will stop them expecting food during the night and you can be on top of their mealtimes. 

    Solution: Feed them before bedtime 

    If your cat is meowing because they want food, it might be because there is too long of a gap between dinner and breakfast. 

    Cats are creatures of habit and will expect to be fed at the same time each day. Adjust their food schedule and feed them in the evening or even just before bed to stop them from feeling hungry during the night. 

  • They can sense another cat outside 
  • If the neighbor's cat likes to sit on your doorstep at night, it’s likely that your cat can sense them outside. Cats are naturally territorial, and they won’t like it if they know another cat is on their turf. 

    Cats are also hormonal, and your male cat will smell a female cat in heat from far away. If your kitty is locked inside during the night, they may be meowing for you to open the door. 

    Solution: Have them spayed/neutered 

    If your cat is meowing because another cat is just outside the door, having them spayed or neutered will help to settle some of those kitty hormones. 

    If you have noticed a furry feline in the neighborhood likes to pitch a tent up on your doorstep at night, try blocking off the area or putting a tray of rocks outside which will stop the cat wanting to sit there. 

  • It has become a habit 
  • Cats are creatures of habit and sometimes they will meow because...Well, just because! 

    We all have little annoying habits that we do and can’t explain, such as repeating certain phrases or cracking our knuckles.  

    Cats are the same and sometimes they just feel like meowing! 

    Solution: Ignore them 

    If your cat is meowing out of habit and you keep getting out of bed and giving them attention when they do, this reinforces the behavior, and they will keep doing it. Instead, ignore them and they will soon realize their meows are fruitless. 

    If you keep your door closed at night, it might help to let them in your room and put their bed nearby, which will make them feel relaxed and help them to settle down whilst you sleep.   

    It’s not fun for you or your kitty to be kept up all night by constant meowing. Try our solutions and see if you can help keep your kitty quiet at night whilst you catch some Z’s. 

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