How To Be A Cat Influencer

September 21, 2022 6 min read

How To Be A Cat Influencer

Cat influencers, or catfluencers if you will, are on the rise, and why wouldn’t they be? Social media algorithms may bring about the rise and fall of human influencers, but people’s unwavering love for animals ensures that pet user accounts never flop. It is an excellent way to reach millions of people, promote an array of products, and pocket some extra cash while you're at it! You’re happy, your enamoured audience is happy and, of course, your cat is content.

Compared to a human influencer's account, a cat’s social media page often has way more comments. Strings of 'LOLs', 'ROFLs', and 'Awws' flood the comment section, punctuated with an occasional “I WISH I COULD CARRY THEM AROUND IN MY POCKET"! That’s how popular cat content is on social media.

While the human influencer market has no shortage of stars, more and more brands are leaning towards these four-legged furballs to play the roles of micro-influencers. To be fair, if a cat wanted me to use a particular product, I would. No questions asked.

So, how do you become a cat influencer? Obviously, you need to have a cat, but there are other steps to follow. Let’s find out more.

Choose Your Platform

There are plenty of social media platforms, so you must choose which suits you best. If you are skilled in taking photos, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are your recommended platforms. If you love making videos, YouTube or TikTok is your zone.

Alternatively, you can set up a blog if you love to write and have an artistic flair. However, having a social media account helps reach more people and boost your followers faster.

social media cat influencer

Post Regularly

Choose a lovely picture of your cat from the thousands of photos sitting idly on your phone, think of a unique username, and set up your account. Once you’re done, it’s time to unleash the content. Photos, videos, reels, funny moments - you name it. People need a reason to follow a page, and when they see regular content, they will hit the follow button without a second thought. It will take time and patience, but don’t give up. Set an edit and upload schedule, and post often.

Convert to a Business Account

Business accounts on Instagram get access to various analytics for free. You can study your audience better by studying engagement patterns, age groups, and geographical areas where your content was liked the most. These analytic features will help you grow your account and make it better.

Choose a Theme

Once you’ve set your posting schedule and converted your account to a business one, you need to think of a theme. Do you want the account to give a fun vibe, or do you want it to be an educational forum? You can also pick different themes each month and stick to them. For instance, you can post funny videos of your cat trying to climb a wall and clumsily failing, or struggling in vain to catch that cheeky laser beam! You can follow this up with a different theme next month, one where you are trimming their claws or bathing them. People love variety, and it will only help garner a larger audience.

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Establish Your Voice

Are you posting as you, or are you posting as your pet? You need to establish the voice and stick to it. As a pet parent, it’s best to keep your voice enthusiastic and evocative. Tell a story, let the audience into your world, and give them a reason to keep returning to your account.

On the other hand, if you are using your pet’s POV, you are essentially playing their role. You’re the translator of their meows and purrs. Most cat influencers choose the latter because it makes the entire arrangement funnier and more entertaining.

Hashtags Are Vital

There’s no reaching new people without appropriate hashtags. Your account may get exposure and reach people from every corner of the world if you use the correct hashtags. Instead of using hashtags that have over 100,000 posts already, choose something with a lower post count. But it’s essential to strike a balance. You don’t want your cat content to disappear amidst millions of posts. You also don’t want your cat content to be one of the only 10 videos to have used the hashtag either.

Do your research, and use relevant hashtags. For instance, use the breed hashtags where applicable, and refrain from using generic hashtags like #cat. When you type a hashtag in your caption, Instagram suggests more related hashtags, so feel free to use them. You can add thirty hashtags to your caption, and I’d suggest you add them all.

Engagement is Key

social media cat influencer

Imagine getting a reply from your favourite celebrity on social media. it would make your day, wouldn't it? For many people, pet influencers are no less than celebrities, especially when they have huge followings. Engaging with your followers and giving timely responses is key to being a successful influencer.

You may post regularly and promote various products, but your audience will start to struggle to build a connection if you pay no heed to their comments or reshares. If someone has a doubt, answer them; if they want to know which product you are using for your cat, share the link to buy the product online (and earn those Amazon commissions, amirightttt?). Being approachable helps you form a bond with your audience, which increases engagement and visibility.

Like and Follow

Don’t be a silent scroller! Like posts, comment on other pet posts, and give the accounts you like a follow. It works both ways. When you like a photo or follow an account, you end up in their notifications, which may tempt them to check your profile. If they love your content, they might follow you.

Some people on the internet follow an account only to get a follow back and then unfollow them as soon as they get what they want. Pulling such tricks may get you followers, but it also creates the wrong impression on people you unfollow, and they may not share your content with their friends and family anymore.

Promote Brands

It is far-fetched to think of profiting off brands right from the beginning. Many cat influencers start by promoting products they use or like without expecting anything in return. By repeatedly doing so, you may get brands to notice you, and if your cat is famous enough, they might contact you for paid promotional opportunities. If you are unwilling to wait, you may always reach out to brands and explain what you do and how you’d like to be of help. There may be rejections, but you may also hit the jackpot!

What are the Advantages of Being a Cat Influencer?

Influencers are essential for every brand nowadays. They strive to stay on the top of the game by bringing new trends to the social media industry and creating viral content. While some people choose to be influencers as a hobby, it’s a way of earning money for many others. Listed below are a few benefits of being a cat influencer.

social media cat influencer

Brand Collaborations

Unboxing and reviewing products from specific brands is a smart way to monetise your pet. Initially, brands may ask you to give a positive review in exchange for their product, but you can create a rate list for promotional posts as your follower count increases.

Affiliate Marketing

In this case, you increase traffic to the brand's page while getting a commission in return. Cat influencers share a unique link that redirects the audience to a specific service or product; for every purchase made, the influencer is compensated.

Self-made Merchandise

If you think your cat is cute enough to be on coffee mugs, tees, tote bags, and caps, make customised merchandise and sell them! Many cat influencers set up their brands after gaining followers. It’s a great way to start your own business; once you have established it, you can diversify the products.

Create Ads

Several brands reach out to cat influencers with a large number of views on YouTube to advertise their products or services on their platform. While most organisations pay an amount for each time the ad is viewed, others compensate the influencer with every click of the ad.


If you have reached this paragraph, congratulations! You now know everything about being a cat influencer. It’s important to remember that you cannot make your cat famous overnight. It requires patience, time, and consistency. Keep posting, keep engaging with your followers, and reach out to brands you wish to collaborate with.

Even though people may not initially recognise your furball on the streets, they will be a sassy celeb on the internet! Once your account gains visibility and traction, your reels and videos will get more views, and your content will get more engagement.

If you're looking to get started as a cat influencer right away, here's something to kick you off – for adorable and functional pet products that will look amazing with your cat content online, check out Way Basics and Meowy Studio and start influencing today!

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