The Best Toys For Cats

September 17, 2022 6 min read

best toys for cats

Cats have a particular type when it comes to toys. Feline behaviour encourages cats to engage in hide-and-hunt games. If you are a cat parent, you must have observed your cat attack you at different times of the day from hiding places like a curtain or a door etc. This energy is doubled when they are hyperactivated or in turbo. At these times, cat toys can engage your feline friend and exhaust the boost of energy that they feel. Making sure that the toys your cat plays with are completely safe is your responsibility because monitoring these little mischievous creatures all the time is impossible. This article discusses several practical and safe toys for cats of different ages and personalities.

List of 10 Toys Best Suited for Cats

Here is a list of the 10 toys that your cat will love:

1. Catnip

catnips toys for cats

Catnip is the elixir for felines. The scent of catnip attracts cats who love to immerse themselves in its heavenly joy. Catnip stuffed in soft toys is a hot favourite amongst the feline family. Cats are fond of soft toys way more than rigid ones, and if they're stuffed with catnip, they become completely irresistible to your cats. Catnip toys are durable. Even if your cat scratches or nibbles into the toy, it is completely safe. Catnip can be used independently as a pleasure enhancer for cats. It can be sprinkled on rugs or carpets on which your cat can rub against and roll on. Cats show varied behaviour toward catnip. It stimulates some cats who become more energetic or active while others get relaxed. Irrespective of their response to catnip, it is a popular, safe, and handy toy for all cats.

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2. Laser Toy

Cats love to chase laser points in the dark. It is their favourite hunting game. While many cat parents discover this and play manually controlling the laser point, others choose automated laser toys instead. Automated laser toys can keep your cat running around the room for hours without figuring out that it is just a game. If you are with them in the room and take pauses to play, making the red dot run, it becomes excessively more exciting for your cat to chase it, but you can always keep it running long after you've left the game. Laser toys are virtual, hence, no harm can come to your cat while playing with them.

3. Spring Toy

Magic tricks and mystery can lure cats to any corner of the world. A spring toy is a trick that cats cannot figure out and they love that. They will keep attacking this mysterious enemy until it is knocked down. Spring toys are easily replaceable and inexpensive so, even if your cat gets it stuck under furniture, you can always keep a spare. A spring toy is most popular for younger cats because cats above the age of 2 or 3 years would simply get bored by it. Cats might choke on springs while nibbling so ensure they do not play unsupervised.

4. Scratchpad

scratchpad toy for cats

Cats are major scratchers. Your furniture bears proof of it. Cats are naturally scratchy, and they can't be blamed for it. They like their nails sharp because to them, they're still felines who love to hunt and prey. So instead of scratching couches, mats and clothes, let them go all out on a scratchpad. The scratchpad has a nice rough texture for your cat to sharpen its nails on. It is a low-maintenance and high-endurance toy that your feline will frequent throughout the day. You can place it at a visible spot in your house so that it can't miss it while parading the house.

5. Feather Wand

Cats can go all gooey-eyed for feathers. Pretty feathers can fascinate a cat for days, but in the end, their motive is only to destroy it. Cats hunt birds, making it the sole motivation for them to play with feather toys. A feather wand is a long stick with a tail of feathers at one of its ends. Colourful feathers are way more tempting than single-coloured feathers. You can hold the stick and make your cat dance to the feather's tune. Feather toys carry a single caveat with them, and that is to prevent your cat from swallowing the feathers.

6. Toy Mouse

A toy mouse is more likeable for cats below the age of 1. Some cats may even play with a fake mouse up to 2 years of age, but it usually bores cats older than that. A toy mouse is your cat's first encounter with a mouse. They even fall for virtual ones. In a matter of seconds, they will take their hunt stance and start chasing the tail of the toy mouse until they have caught it in their paws. Reversible toy mouses are even better. They will keep your cat puzzled for hours and are very easy to find and reset. They also have the advantage of no harm or damage whatsoever.

7. Wool Ball

wool ball toy for cats

If you know cats, you understand that they love entangled things that they can unwind. A wool ball is a labyrinth for a cat. They love every twist and turn of the wool ball. To their eyes, wool balls are little rolling things with tails they can chase and catch. Colourful wool balls in an open space can keep cats engrossed. The best part is that you wouldn't have to run around the whole house with the ball. You can just roll it out softly, and your cat will do the rest. Every time they hit the wool ball while chasing it, the ball will keep going further keeping them in the illusion that it is running away from them. You can, alternately, make a long yarn trail for them to follow or a netted mesh with wool for them to destroy. Don't let them get stuck in the wool yarns because that may annoy them enough to stay away from their favourite toy.

8. Danglers

Danglers are akin to feathers in the toy family for felines. Cats are fascinated by the dangling movement and pause to observe it carefully. Once they have set their eyes, they will pounce on it only to displace it again. This cycle will keep your cat busy and happy. Soft danglers are even better for cats because they are practically indestructible. Your cat will scheme and devise plans and strategies until they finally get tired. Danglers placed at a height can excite cats immensely. The tougher the danglers are positioned, the more interesting it is to your cat.

9. Electric Fish

An electric fish is a toy fish that flip-flops while enticing your cat to pounce on it. Cats enjoy the flip-flop motion of a fish which resembles that of a living fish. It is again a toy prey for your cat, and it will take its own sweet time to catch it. An electric fish can be made more interesting with the help of catnip. You can sprinkle the catnip on the fish or stuff it inside the toy. Avoid using catnip if your cat tends to get ultra energised by it. The advantage of an electric fish is that it is harmless and inexpensive. Another advantage is that your cat can carry this toy to any corner of the house and hide it in its secret treasury. This toy is hardy and does not break easily. That is why a colourful fish is the perfect bait for your cat.

10. Cat Tunnel

It is a universal truth that cats are the most curious of creatures. They want to stick their face into every hole and see what's at the end of it. Due to their natural mystery-solving tendencies, tunnels are effective playmates for cats. Some cat owners have an entire jungle gym spread out for their cat's playtime. Cat tunnels are safe, grand, and attention-grabbing. They do the job better. A series of tunnels in your garden can act like a maze for cats. You can keep treats as a reward for them at the end of the tunnels.


Cats get bored easily, so make sure you keep changing toys weekly. It is better not to let them get used to a single favourite. The more complicated a toy is, the better, but make sure the toy fits their type. Often, household items like a cardboard box or an open suitcase can also entertain them. Cats enjoy the mystery as much as they love intricate games, so instead of presenting toys in front of them blandly, provide them with a sneak peek and let them come hunting for them. Cats live for the chase. They enjoy attaining something way more than giveaways. Without a doubt, cats always have it their way, so don't even bother restraining them to a single room or space. Let them go freely with their toy and create a mess. That's how they can enjoy their toys to the fullest.

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