What Material Is Best For Cat Scratchers?

March 10, 2021 2 min read

What Material Is Best For Cat Scratchers?

Scratching is an important part of our cat’s behavior, but it’s not easy knowing what material is best to content their kitty claws.

Cats like strong and sturdy horizontal or vertical posts where they can do a full body stretch whilst they scratch.

But choosing the right material for your furball can be even more important.


Is cardboard good for cats?

Cardboard is a great option for your scratch-loving feline, but not just any type of cardboard will do.

Corrugated cardboard made from flute sheet is durable and makes a rough, scratchtastic surface for your beloved kitty.

Lots of corrugated cardboard scratchers are made with recyclable materials, making them a great product for the environment too!

You can get these types of scratchers in different densities and styles, depending on what your cat likes to do.

If your cat likes to shred material when they scratch, then this vertical scratcher made with a combination of small and big flute paperboard is a great choice.

If you’d prefer a less messy option, then how about this inclined scratcher or a fun scratcher cube made from small flute, scrap-free paperboard?

It might also be a great idea to have a mix of both, so your kitty can choose depending on their mood!


Sisal fabric or sisal rope?

Another great material for kitty claws is sisal—but which is better, fabric or rope?

Cats tend to love the feel of sisal fabric since unlike rope, it doesn’t have ridges and bumps, and so allows kitty claws to glide through the material much better.

Whilst sisal rope can create sharp fibers that may upset your puss’s paws, sisal fabric gets softer the more it’s scratched, making cats go back to it time and time again.

There is a great selection of vertical sisal fabric scratchers on Amazon such as this sturdy sisal scratcher shaped like the corner of a sofa.


Whilst cats tend to love both corrugated cardboard and sisal fabric for their scratchers, we love the eco-friendly aspect of the cardboard scratchers.

Since lots of cardboard scratchers are made with recycled materials, they are usually a much more affordable option too and your kitty should love the satisfying sound their claws make when they scrape them through the cardboard!

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