Why is My Cat Sitting Inside the Litter Box?

September 20, 2022 6 min read

Cat Sitting Inside the Litter Box

It might look silly for the cat to stay inside the cat litter box, but it can be something to worry about if your cat does that. But before you start worrying, you have to monitor their behaviour to get a clear picture of what's wrong with your cat or kitten. There can be many factors that can make your cat behave like that. We should see all the possible aspects to get an idea about the reason for your cat's behaviour. 

Health Issues

If your cat is lounging in the cat litter tray for a longer period, it could be because the cat might be facing difficulty in excreting. If your cat is squatting for a more extended period, scratching the litter box, or straining and only a few drops of urine drops are coming, then there may be crystals in the urinary tract. It can cause severe trouble to the renal system. It is a common problem with male cats. You should not delay when you see such symptoms because it can put your beloved feline friend's life in trouble. This is rare in female cats, but you still cannot cut the feline lower urinary tract disease out of the picture. 

Other ailments can also affect your cats, such as the flu. Even when the cats are affected by flu or cold, they tend to go and stay in the cat litter box furniture, where they feel safe till they recover. It is essential that when you see symptoms such as diarrhoea, flu, or constipation, you should take your pet immediately to the vet.

Mental Health Issues

When it comes to mental issues, not everything needs to be a problem you need to address. But there are certain issues that you should take note of. So, let us see them one by one. 

Trying to Hide Their Shame

Sometimes when our feline friends are new to cat toilet training, they might try to hide their excretion for a longer duration of the day, as they might believe that they have done a shameful act. It is prevalent among kittens because they are new to doing stuff like this. So if your kitten takes a long time inside the litter box, it is not something you have to worry about. 

If Their Litter Box is Not Clean

Due to our busy schedule, we sometimes forget to clean the litter box on time. It can also make the cats sit in the litter box. So, it is necessary that we have to keep the litter box always clean. and have a lot of innovative products, such as cat litter best for odour, to keep the litter box from giving away a foul smell. If there is no odour, the cats also will be happy and won't go on a strike, sitting in the litter box to get it cleaned immediately. 

Cat Sitting Inside the Litter Box

The Shape of the Litter Box

Cats are odd creatures. No matter what kind of bed you purchase for them, they have this strange love for boxes. No matter what, they love their boxes. That's why some cats may just want to stay in their litter box because they love its shape. In such a case, you must buy another similar box and not fill it with cat litter sand, so your cat can enjoy the box. 


Stress is a major mental factor that needs to be addressed effectively. Like humans, cats can also experience stress due to several factors. The factors can be due to their partner, another new pet, a newborn baby in your home, or any other reason. In such cases, they feel safe and secure in their cat litter box enclosure. It is mainly because they can find only their smell there and it makes them feel easy. Some cats hide under the beds or behind the couch, from where you cannot reach and take them away. 

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Like how we want our privacy, cats are also creatures with feelings. They also want to have their privacy at times, and they might just stay in the cat litter box to avoid any contact. In such cases, the cats will themselves come out after they feel they no longer need to be private. It can especially happen with new cats that you adopt. Because of the new surroundings and new people, they might feel a bit scared and want to stay alone till they can trust you. So, you can buy the Cat Loo Litter Box to give them the privacy they need. 

Cat Sitting Inside the Litter Box

Having Less Playtime

As pets, cats are the greatest attention seekers. They behave like they don't need your attention when you give it. But if you don't give any attention when they want, they might go and stay hidden in their cat litter box. It is a way of entertaining themselves.

Sometimes, if you have two or more cats, they tend to hide and attack the other cats, and in such situations, they might prefer their litter box to be the place where they can hide safely. You can buy Katrise Standing Cat Scratcher, to keep your cats entertained and engaged.

To Bathe

We might have seen cats rubbing themselves in sand; after that, they will lick themselves clean. Cats keep themselves neat at all times. So, when they need to clear off those itchy things on their body, they get into the cat litter box cove where they can find the sand to get cleaned. At times like that, the cats can stay longer inside the litter box. That's why it is substantial that you have to clean the litter box every now and then. 

New Litter Material

Suppose you change the material of the litter from the one they had their cat potty training in. In such a case, the cats might stay in the litter box to research the new thing. For example, if you change the litter to a clay-based one from the soft litter, the cats can identify it's not the same one. So, they may spend longer in the litter box until they find it comfortable. Some cats might just do the opposite; they may never go near the litter box. 

Cat is About to Give Birth

Females always find the safest place to give birth. What is safer than their cat litter box enclosure? But before giving birth, they ensure that everything is as they want them to be, so they tend to stay inside the litter box longer. So, when they go into labour, they know where to go immediately so that their newborns will be safe. 

When they enter labour, you will have to provide them with enough water because they will get all dehydrated when they give birth. Also, you should ensure that it is comfortable in the litter box by adding some comfortable sheets or cushions. After the labour, you should provide them with healthy food and food items that help with boosting lactation. Newly born kittens always drink milk, so the mother cat can quickly tire just by feeding its babies. 

How Should We Maintain the Litter Box?

Now that you know all the major reasons cats can stay in the litter box, you should also know how to maintain the litter box in which your cats want to stay: 

Clear Out the Excretions Every Day

If you browse through or, you can find many innovative products that can help you clean the litter boxes or even different models of litter boxes in which your cats might enjoy their stay. Anyway, you can find poop pickers that are net-based, which can help remove the poop by dusting off the cat litter sand easily. It can be the easiest way to remove excretions.

Change the Cat Litter Sand Every Once in a While

Changing the cat litter sand at least once a month is necessary. You can remove the poop, but you cannot remove the odour. Also, cleaning the sand without washing it off with water is impossible. During washing, you might lose a lot of sand in the water. So, it is necessary to top up the sand at least once every month so that the litter box stays clean when you do the kitten toilet training. 


Cat Sitting Inside the Litter Box

There are some great products on and that can help to keep your furry friends happy and clean. Cat litter box cove, cat litter box enclosure, scratching pads, etc, are some of the products that you can find on these websites that can help in giving your pet the best experience. So, make use of the various range of products that can keep your pets healthy.

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