Can Two Cats Share One Litter Box?

September 19, 2022 6 min read

cats sharing litter box

Cats are great pets as they are very independent and clean. They like their space and are fun to have around. Owning cats is great, but cleaning the cat litter box can be taxing. Cleaning cat litter sand thrice/twice daily gets even more tiresome with two or more cats.

But cats might get along well enough to share their litter box. However, we strongly advise keeping separate litter boxes for each cat. If not feasible, keep at least one extra cat litter box.

If you are considering adopting multiple kittens or already got them and are wondering if cats share litter boxes, you have come to the right place. We will clarify the cat litter tray sharing question and give tips for kitten and cat toilet training. Further, we see why sharing a litter box is not a good idea.

Cats are territorial

Felines who get along might share things, play together, drink water from the same bowl, etc. However, when it comes to bowel relieving time, they are territorial. Being territorial, cats feel threatened to see another cat going to the same spot as they do, especially where they pee and poop.

If there’s one litter box for all cats, a cat might feel threatened to see another cat going for the same litter box. This social behaviour makes cats anxious. It might not be immediate or direct, but their behaviour can cause some serious issues later.

two cats sharing a litter box

Usually, a group of cats has one alpha cat who leads the pack, and the alpha cat likes to establish its territory.

Cats like to mark and assert their domain by clawing and scratching various objects in the house. In a place with multiple cats with a cat litter box for each cat, one would assume there'd be plenty of alternatives for everyone, right? But no, alpha cats will assert their authority by occupying all litter boxes supplied for each cat, causing the beta cats to feel anxious and alienated. In such instances, anxious beta cats would probably avoid using the cat litter tray entirely, preferring to do their business elsewhere. It is unhygienic to go to random places. It can be hard to bury the litter also. 

Having an extra litter box and cat litter sand for a multi-cat household will help the beta cats to find another place as the alpha cats can’t use all the boxes simultaneously and guard them. It’s easier to clean multiple litter boxes. It’s also important to know when to change the cat litter and do proper cat potty training, which is why it’s advisable to have more litter boxes than cats in the house.

It’s cleaner to have multiple litter boxes

One disadvantage of using only one litter box, especially with several cats, would be that the litter box becomes quite dirty and rapidly fills up. Maintaining litter boxes is a basic principle, although it may be practically difficult if a person is not always with their cat whenever nature calls. Owning a cat litter box cover involves more cleaning as dirty litter becomes vital to avoid. A cat litter box covered can be very unhygienic.

If the litter box is overcrowded, the cats will begin to experience displacement if they are made to tiptoe about another cat's faeces. This might be hazardous to the rugs and furniture. The displaced cats will not want to utilise the litter box given in the house and will seek out another location to relieve themselves. The cats can find corners in the house, under closets and sofas. It can be pretty disgusting to find cat litter in the corners of the house. Cat litter box furniture can come in handy here.

Health concerns might also develop in cats if their litter box is constantly full or unclean. If the litter trays are filling up fast, one should read about how much cat litter to utilise. If one can arrange multiple litter trays throughout the house, health risks and accidents can be avoided. If numerous cats share the same litter box, any one of them may become ill from the extra waste in the cat litter box if it isn't cleaned up and maintained properly.

two cats sharing a litter box

While keeping many litter boxes in the house may appear to be somewhat difficult to clean, it is definitely a more hygienic alternative. We don't want cat pee pools all over the house. Clearing out the cat's respective litter boxes is much simpler than washing the carpets in the house. Cleaning can be avoided with a self-cleaning or automated litter box. Learning about the many varieties of cat litter boxes is crucial for choosing the finest solution for the cats.

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Types of litter boxes

There are a number of litter box options available in the market. It depends on one’s budget, the area of the house, and the number of cats one has. Make sure that the litter box size is good enough for the cat. It should be able to move freely and have plenty of space to do its business peacefully.

The most bought litter box designs are:

  • Litter box with no top: It’s affordable and is used by most people with cats.
  • Litter box with cover: This litter box has a roof, sometimes even a door. It is useful to avoid odour from spreading throughout the house.
  • Self-cleaning litter box: People who are busy can opt for self-cleaning litter boxes. However, self-cleaning litter boxes might be problematic as they don’t clean everything, and there’s still a chance of bacteria building up. If two cats are sharing the same litter box, then one cat might be able to identify the smell of the other cat that used the litter box before. 

Where to place the litter boxes?

Keeping different cat litter boxes in the very same place defeats the point of keeping different litter boxes since territorial conflicts might still arise. Preferably, the litter boxes should be kept on opposite ends of the house, with an extra litter box somewhere in between. This might be tough in a tiny house, but it is important to do so.

The locations must be secluded, silent, and easily accessible to cats. If one place is great and another is loud or not secluded enough, cats will quarrel over the same litter box, and as cats like calmer settings, the objective of getting two boxes would be defeated. The litter boxes should be placed away from the kitchen or wherever the cat eats.

two cats sharing a litter box

What about bonded cats?

Though a bonded pair of cats are significantly more willing to share attention, food, and toys, sharing a litter box is a different story. The territorial concerns might not be there (though this is still conceivable), but the sanitary factors remain. There will just be excess waste to handle properly, perhaps causing health difficulties for the cats.

How to clean your cat’s litter box?

Clean up the cat's litter boxes every week at least. The droppings must be scrapped out on a daily basis. Here's a short guide to cleaning a cat's litter box:


  • Scrape up their poop at least once a day.
  • Get rid of their faeces.
  • Soap and water should be used to clean the litter scoop.
  • Place the litter scoop in a sealed plastic bag to use the next day.


  • To start a weekly deep cleaning, empty the litter box completely.
  • Get rid of the litter and faeces.
  • Soap and water should be used to clean the litter box.
  • Allow it to air dry, or pat it dry with a fresh paper towel.
  • Fill the box with new litter.
  • Reassemble it and keep it where it is supposed to be placed.

Do not change the designated place for the litter box as cats get used to the place it was kept initially.

Cats are sensitive to certain smells, so don’t clean the litter box with harsh chemicals like bleach. Cats will not use the litter box at all if they smell something different. Needless to say, chemicals are not good for cats as they might be toxic and must not be ingested. Soap and water work best to keep the litter boxes clean; they disinfect the boxes properly.


There should be one litterbox for each cat and one additional if you have more than one. For both behavioural and health reasons, it is not a good idea for cats to share litter boxes, and each cat would be much better off with its own box in its own quiet location. way basics offers a wide range of cat litter boxes for every budget. Remember the golden rule — one litter box for each cat, plus one extra. This will ensure the cats are happy and healthy.

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