Why Does my Cat Put Its Butt In My Face?

September 19, 2022 6 min read

Why Does my Cat Put Its Butt In My Face

Deciphering cat behavior has been a long-preserved interest of humans. I understand that as a cat parent you might already know that cats are the most mysterious and wonderful companions you can have.

We want to know what our floofball is trying to tell us with those bold stares, the head rubs, and the to-and-fro movement of their tail. There is more than one answer to all these questions.

If you are a new cat parent, remember that your cat communicates to you through their behaviors, so it is essential that you don't misinterpret them.

So, has your cat given you the privilege of having a direct and uninterrupted sight of their butt quite often recently? Yes, this cat behavior is a clear winner among the rest. I imagine that nothing feels the same as waking up in the morning to the sight and sometimes the scent of your cat's butt 2 inches away from your face. But what does this mean? Is your cat trying to gross you out? Since head rubs often accompany the face butting, purring, or just comfortable perching on your lap, belly, or chest, we can say that the answer is no, your cat is not purposefully trying to gross you out or annoy you. On the contrary, they consider this behavior normal and even friendly.

Sign Of Trust

Cats are cautious creatures who take their sweet time trusting people and other animals. They are selectively trusting creatures. This instinct helps them survive in the wild. In the wild, cats live and hunt alone. When they adapt to human environments, they can be careful to trust, but once they trust you, cats can be extremely comfortable and relaxed in your company. So, having a cat's trust is a great honor.

Cats show trust in many different ways. If they feel safe enough to close their eyes and sleep in your presence, you can be sure they trust you. We have all been astonished when they respond to their name even as a kitten and come running to us. This cat behavior is astonishing for most cat parents because of the general notion that cats are independent and disregard your concerns for them.

cat putting butt on face

Another odd way of showing trust is by putting their butt (a vulnerable area) in your face. They may be trying to show that you are a trusted friend.

'Hooman' Friend

Cat greetings are very different from human greetings. Cats are intuitive and trust their senses to reveal the absolute truth about the creature (cat or human) in front of them. Cats have a few ways to show that they like you. They are very picky while making bonds. If they like you, they will find many subtle and evident ways of showing it to you. It can range from rubbing against your body, scratching lightly to curling up around you and face butting. In the feline world, face butting is a cat behavior similar to a greeting when you meet another cat. If we derive meaning from their natural habitat, face butting means that they like you, and there is a greater scope of friendship over hostility. They would communicate this message by letting you smell their butt and do the same.

The behavior in question does not exist in humans and can be easily misunderstood as an insult or punishment. Some may interpret it as abnormal, but it is the most common behaviour shown by most cats, if not every one of them. The misunderstanding will be unfortunate as it means quite the opposite.

A polite gesture towards their human companion is all it is sometimes.

"Give Me Some Love!"

Some reasons for your cat's butt in your face can be pretty adorable. Face butting is a cat's love language. It is the purest expression of showing love and seeking it. When your feline friend points their butt towards your face, they might actually be asking for some love in the form of petting, rubs, scratches, and kisses. On many occasions, they want you to give them undivided attention, and face-butting is a sign of that. This means that you should put your phone aside and pause any conversations you may be having to redirect all your attention toward your feline.

Every cat demands love emphatically, and shows love the same way. This is the cutest reason for this typical cat behaviour, and cat parents mustn't mistake this for a bad habit or behavior because you may miss out on a lot of genuine cat love. Your cat might just be asking for your love and attention. Cats are particular about when they want love from you.

It would be a good idea to give the furball what they want and some more. To me, that's a win-win.

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Should I Discourage My Cat From Face-butting Me?

The best part about having a pet is the pure bond of unconditional love you share with them. This bond is based on trust.

Building trust with a feline companion can be more complicated if you do not understand their language. Most cat behaviors are ways your cat is trying to share with you. They do not talk in words like us humans, and instead, they rely on tone and body language to communicate. If they are comfortable enough to put their butts on your face, it shows that you have reached a high level in the relationship with your cat. You may also observe that they do not display this behavior when your friend comes over and tries to pet your cat. Even for people who frequent your house often but haven't formed a solid bond with your cat, face butting is out of the question. There is an exclusiveness to face butting by cats, no matter how absurd that sounds. Therefore, we must make an effort to interpret a cat's body language correctly.

cat putting butt on face

Discouraging them would not be the best idea, even when it is uncomfortable for you. Suppose you find the face butting too unpleasant, it is best to calmly give your cat what it wants after reversing its position, so it is face front.

Should I Punish My Cat For Face-butting Me?

It is not advisable to shout at your cat or shove or push it harshly, as it will not be able to understand your behavior. Punishment does not work with cats; it is like punishing a baby for pooping its pants. The behaviour is so natural and innocent that punishing them may confuse them. They do not do it on purpose to hurt or annoy you, and punishment will do the opposite of helping in this situation. It will make your cat more stressed and scared. They might even choose to distance themselves from you and become aloof altogether. A stressed cat can show multiple problem behaviors like hissing, hiding, or attacking. Misunderstanding face-butting by a cat can have serious consequences. Moreover, no one wants a stressed pet; you want a happy one.

Cats face-butt as a display of friendliness and affection. Responding to cats aggressively will scare your cat and make it mistrust you.

Suppose you are dealing with a mysterious cat behavior problem. In that case, it is best to research before jumping to conclusions. There are many online resources where experts have given their opinion on feline behavior. For example, Meowy Studio is an online site that provides a list of studies on cat behavior. Check it out to find the correct explanation for your cat's behavior.

If you find a problematic behavioral pattern, remember there can be several reasons it might happen. Identify the real issue, if there is one, and provide the proper remedy.

You can find products your cat might need on the Way Basics website. They have innovative items for your feline companion to make them feel more relaxed and comfortable. Apart from your love and attention, your cat has basic needs like a clean litter box, easily digestible food that provides nutrition, and a comfortable bed.

cat putting butt on face


A cat's butt in your face might not be considered a problem by most people as it does not harm humans or cats.

However, if you still want to discourage the behavior, you can use treats to train your cat to behave in a way more pleasant for everyone. Be sure to read up about cat behavior before you blame your cat. There is nothing like enjoying the company of your pet, so take care of them, and life will be a lot more fun for you and your beloved cat.

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